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CataniaPride Flag - The first real Geolcated pride flag in Italy

2023-06-11 21:18

BOB Liuzzo

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CataniaPride Flag - The first real Geolcated pride flag in Italy

the SYMBOL OF CATANIA mixed with the RAINBOW for the first real geolocated pride flag in Italy.

From the INDEPENDENT SYMBOL OF CATANIA (SICILY) that I've designed (check the project here) mixed with the PRIDE RAINBOW, the first real geolocated pride flag in Italy was born to idenitfy not only the values of the pride but also one of the infinite place in this world where it happen. You can have more info or buy the flag here.

Celebrating Diversity and Local Identity

The Catania Project aims to provide Catania with an independent symbol that represents the city's universal and democratic identity. The symbol incorporates key elements of Catania, such as Mount Etna, lava, the sea, and the white of hope and future. It can be used as a flag, mural, or decorative motif. The flag has been well-received by the people of Catania and has been used in various expressions of pride, from murals to clothing and even local sports teams.


To enhance the visibility of the LGBTQIA+ community, the Catania Pride Flag was created by combining the independent symbol with the rainbow. This makes it the first geolocated Pride flag in Italy. 


By doing so, it ensures that the location of a Pride event is clear and that the values it represents are celebrated without overshadowing the host city. It also allows individuals to show support for other Pride events while highlighting the journey they took to participate.


Giving visibility to the LGBTQIA+ community is crucial for fostering dialogue, breaking down prejudices, and building bridges between diverse communities. Catania, as a city known for its inclusivity, welcomes everyone. The Catania Pride Flag symbolizes the city's commitment to inclusivity and serves as a powerful tool for expressing support and celebrating diversity.


In conclusion, 


the Catania Pride Flag not only represents the city's identity but also promotes inclusivity and visibility for the LGBTQIA+ community. It unites symbols of Catania with the rainbow, creating a unique and powerful representation of pride, diversity, and local identity.

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