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Independent City Branding of Catania (Sicliy)

winner of a WORLDWIDE LOGO DESIGN AWARD @ All Right Reserved 2023

Drawing inspiration from Catania's rich heritage, the symbol is a visual system of simple lines and colors. 


With a single glance, it reveals the city's key elements: the majestic Etna volcano, the vibrant lava, the expansive sea, and the promising white sky. It's a time machine that transports you to the pure essence of Catania' stories.

The Independent Symbol of Catania aims to convey the city's true essence in a universal and timeless manner. Unconstrained by client demands, this independent city branding initiative has been recognized with the prestigious Worldwide Logo Design Award (WOLDA).


Through a visual system based on simple lines and colors, the essence of Catania unfolds. A quick glance at the design reveals the elements that define Catania—Etna, the majestic volcano (depicted in black), the vivid hues of erupting lava (represented in red), the expansive sea stretching towards the horizon (captured in blue), and a white sky symbolizing hope and a bright future for the city. 


The significance of Etna, Lava, and the sea sets Catania apart from numerous Mediterranean cities. Without these elements and the contributions of its residents, Catania would not be the vibrant cultural melting pot it is today. 


This independent symbol serves as a time machine, capable of conveying the city's essence even to hypothetical aliens unaware of its cultural background.


Everyone should be able to draw the place they love even without artistic or design skills.

Distinguishing itself from a commercial logo or brand, the Catania Independent Symbol (a.k.a CataniaProject) symbolizes a departure from traditional city branding strategies. It transcends the limitations of a single shape or frame, adapting freely to any object. Although it is not endorsed by the city's political administration, the symbol's democratic nature lies in its ownership by the people rather than the authorities. Termed as a "City Visual Essence," it represents the desires, aspirations, and shared identity of the community. 


In a city steeped in symbolism, such as the iconic elephant statue known as "Liotro" and the vibrant colors of flags and religious events, the Catania Project symbol emerges as a representation of the entire metropolitan area. It captures the collective connection to Mount Etna, the magnificent volcano visible from every corner of Catania, and surrounded by the azure Mediterranean Sea. This symbol, often referred to as "Mom Etna," carries profound spiritual significance and unifies everyone who lives in or visits Catania.

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The Independent Symbol of Catania transcends boundaries and stands as a testament to the city's enduring spirit and cultural heritage.

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It has found widespread acceptance among the people and businesses of Catania, manifesting in murals, tattoos, clothing, and even adorning the bottles of a popular Catania Craft Beer. Additionally, it has been embraced by various city sport teams in basketball, soccer, and rugby, symbolizing the collective pride and unity of the community.

The Symbol path is always on-going with new ideas and people using it to promote and give voice to the city of Catania. Please follow the official Instagram account to keep updated and support the symbol.