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IED x Erreà Sport - Official Font Kit @ All Right Reserved 2023

Revolutionizing Erreà Sport Identity: Introducing Four custom typefaces for numbers and names on clothes, jerseys, and Merchandising across Teams and Clubs

Erreà in collaboration with designed four new customized fonts for its products. This is made possible thanks to the partnership with one of the leading design institutes in the world and under the supervision of BOB Liuzzo as a Project Manager and Nunzio Mazzaferro from Collletttivo, who is coordinating the international team of students from the three-year Graphic Design course, composed of: Alessandro Gallina, Arina Ilchenko, Daniele Colombo, Daria Varacalli, Anka Pavlovic, Camilla Pessina, Simone Passante, and Tamara Hruska.


The four fonts, named Midfield Pro, Korner, Offside and Ace, will be used across a wide range of Erreà products, including t-shirts, hoodies, and training suits.

"With this collaboration," says Roberto Gandolfi, Vice President of Erreà, "we have had the opportunity to combine our established expertise with the freshness and creative energy of the young designers involved. The results obtained have been surprising because they represent a perfect synthesis between our corporate identity and the creative flair of the designers. Thanks to the new fonts, the jerseys become a true tool of visual communication, capable of conveying messages and values that go beyond mere numerical and alphanumeric aspects.


Midfield Pro is a dynamic and geometric font with contrasting weights and extreme edge cuts. Was designed to making it easily legible and iconic.


Korner is inspired by the geometric shapes of the company logo, has been designed for readability in high-motion and long-distance situations, as encountered on the field


OffSide draws inspiration from the display of numbers on scoreboards and reflects its geometric nature, suited for precise grid rules in different weight and style variations.


ACE is a semi-serif typeface that derives elegance from the combination of curved and straight lines, giving it a decisive yet harmonious appearance


The students have designed four exclusive fonts that can convey the passion, history, and innovation that a team associated with Erreà may want to express. These fonts seamlessly integrate with the renowned Erreà brand, known for the quality of its products, allowing teams that choose to wear their clothing to stylishly and personally represent the brand's identity and strengthen their own team identity.

Project Director: 

BOB Liuzzo 

Coordinator of Graphic Design BA IED Milano 


Design Director 

Annunziato (Nunzio) Mazzaferro 

Type Designer & IED Professor at IED Milano Founder of 


Project and Photo-shooting Supervisor: 

Albero Mariani (RupertGraphic) 

Creative Designer Erreà Italia


Design Team: 

Alessandro Gallina 

Arina Ilchenko 

Daniele Colombo 

Daria Varacalli 

Anka Pavlovic 

Camilla Pessina 

Simone Passante 

Tamara Hruska