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LACCO FOOD - Italian Pizza Dough
Visual Identity and Packaging

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Introducing a Brand and Packaging 
System for LACCO Pizza Dough

This is a showcase of a distinguished brand and packaging system designed for the groundbreaking PizzaDough flours, drawing inspiration from the unmatched quality of Atlanta Pizza Truck. The birth of the esteemed Lacco Foods brand can be credited to Alessio Lacco, a visionary pizza maker who has captivated the United States with his Neapolitan pizzas, while simultaneously fostering an appreciation for the profound cultural heritage surrounding this divine culinary creation.

Evoke Italian regions characteristic onomatopoeias

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Introducing three distinctive dough variants: WèWè, Aoho, and Avaa. These captivating options pay homage to renowned Italian cities/regions, evoking their characteristic onomatopoeias. Elevate your pizza-making experience and immerse yourself in the captivating depths of Italian culture with Lacco Foods. Because Italian is not only a language but a melody.

Wèwè -  In Naples, "WèWè!" is a versatile exclamation used for various purposes. It is the sound of greeting when you arrive home, an invitation to a friend, or an expression of delight when savoring something delicious, like a perfectly crafted pizza, that compels you to share the experience with the world.

Aoho - In Rome, "Aoho!" is a versatile exclamation used for various purposes. It signifies a warm welcome when someone arrives at your place, a friendly greeting when you meet a friend on the street, or a simple expression of delight when someone asks about the flavor of what you're eating, and you want to convey that it is absolutely delicious.


Avaa - In Eastern Sicily, "Avaa!" is a versatile exclamation used for various purposes. It serves as a call for someone to come quickly, a way to inquire about the frequency of an event or action, and a signal to start or stop something. While it originates from the word "C'mon," it can be employed in numerous contexts, making it a versatile and widely used expression.




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Italian Pizzas made easy for United States

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In response to an overwhelming demand for his exceptional pizzas, Alessio embarked on a journey to produce specialized pizza doughs, allowing enthusiasts to effortlessly recreate the flavors of Neapolitan, Sicilian, and Roman pizzas within the comfort of their own homes. Meticulously calibrated, these doughs exemplify the artistry and finesse that only a true Pizza Master can achieve.

lacco-food-bob-liuzzo-packaging-design_tavola disegno 1.jpeg