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FLAGS I Designed That Make Me Proud - From City to Communities.

2023-09-28 11:36

BOB Liuzzo

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FLAGS I Designed That Make Me Proud - From City to Communities.

As a Designer I'm excited to share with you four captivating "WAVING STORIES" that showcase the remarkable flags designed by me in the last few years.

Flags are those things where the world of graphic design and symbolism unite in a vibrant display of creativity and unity. As a Designer I'm excited to share with you four captivating "WAVING STORIES" that showcase the remarkable flags designed by me in the last few years. 

These flags transcend mere logos; they represent the very essence of symbolism, serving as powerful unifiers for diverse communities. In this article, I invite you to join me on a journey through the artistry and inspiration that lies behind each of these unique flags. 


Discover the Design Process and the stories that breathe life into these symbols, demonstrating the ability of design to bring people together under a common banner, regardless of their differences. I Hope you'll be inspired as I delve into the fascinating world of flag design and explore the profound impact it can have on our sense of belonging and identity. So, let's dive into these "WAVING STORIES" and celebrate the art of Graphic Design that continues to make me (and us) proud.

Independent City Flag of Catania (Sicily)


The independent flag of Catania was created to communicate the purest essence of this constantly growing metropolitan city. Through simple lines and colors it depicts a geometric game which, if decoded, becomes a photograph of Etna (black) erupting (red) with the sea (blue) on the horizon (white).  Not just abstract colors but pure unique scenery of this place in the world. Natural elements without which it would not be possible to have anything to call Catania. Eternal elements more than statues or artificial symbols as they unite the past, present and future with their non-removability and their creative force of places and stories.


* From the Catania Flag was born also the CataniaPride Flag,  the first geolocated pride flag in Italy.

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Founded in 1976, the Italian Cultural & Community Center of Houston welcoming the large and varied Italian-American community and anyone interested in studying and deepening the Italian language and culture. The new ICCC Houston identity was made to create a symbolism that can really foster the cohesion of the italian community. The Italian flag (Tricolore) was inserted within a system of vertical and horizontal bars that resembles a blue letter "H", highly identifying the city of Houston. The Dynamic logo will represent the center activities; as a flag, in its "flat" version, it aim to represent the entire community. As if to say: “Where Houston Speaks Italian”.


*The Blue color was inspired  by the

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THINK DEEP: The First Scientific Pride Flag (CICAP)


In collaboration with IED Milano, I redesigned CICAP's brand identity with a primary focus on creating a meaningful flag design. This flag, known as "THINK DEEP", features a multi-chromatic palette of blues that symbolizes the transition from surface-level thinking to deeper exploration (universe or abyss). Starting with serene blue shades and progressing to darker hues, it embodies the journey of scientific inquiry and the pursuit of knowledge. THINK DEEP serves as a symbol for those advocating for the scientific method and rational thinking across various fields. It can be used as-is or customized with symbols and phrases to unite the global scientific community.

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ESPERANTO NEW FLAG - Beacuse this language is a movement not a “Colony”.


Esperanto, a planned language devised at the close of the 19th century by Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof, was born out of his aspiration to foster linguistic equality among nations. In my recently self-published book titled "ESPERANTO is NOT a BRAND," I conducted an examination of the *current Esperanto flag, which still incorporates visual elements reminiscent of the past, such as the "canton" symbol associated with colonialism and a color scheme that draws parallels with certain Islamic states. Within the pages of my book, I put forth an imaginative exploration for a novel flag that could represent this beautiful lamguage project by maintains the significance of its colors, with green symbolizing hope and white representing peace. Furthermore, it incorporates a star representing the five continents, despite my reservations about this aspect. The design, however, evolves by introducing the "chevron" strategy, commonly employed in vexillology to symbolize progress and independence.

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